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Perfekt für schweres Beugen. Allerdings sollte man schmerzbefreit sein. 😁Die Dinger sind richtig hart.

great product nice black finish and smooth rotation thanks to the bearings.



Captains of Crush Hand Grippers
Nichita B. (The Netherlands)

Very Nice

Very nice and useful

I use it for variety of exercises. Not only for athletes, people with mobility problems can use it as well. Its very stable and I really like the quality. Its definitely going to be in use for the next 20+ years :) Very good investment. I already fried foam and plastic products, but wood is much better.

Gets the job done

Typical StrengthShop. Nothing fancy but a good product, that will last a long time and does a solid job.


Niente da dire. Zaino ben costruito, solido, leggero e veramente molto capiente. Perfetto sia per la palestra che come bagaglio a mano

When do you restock?

ottimo rapporto

arrivata in pochi giorni Devo dire ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo Messa in una palestra professionale . Una cosa che migliorerei sono i pin per regolare le altezze. Metterei fissi con mollo Comunque bella massiccia e comoda . Assistenza assolutamente eccellente Un piccolo problema risolto in in paio di giorni Consiglio vivamente

Nice belt and arrived perfectly on time

Squat Rack

Super leicht aufzubauen und hält was es verspricht. Würde ich wieder kaufen

Riot Olympic Safety Squat Bar
Gioia (The Netherlands)
Amazing quality!

Very well made, quality seems amazing (only used it a few times but so far so good). Padding is super comfy also. 5/5 recommend

Flex-Fit Weightlifting Belt, Dark Camo

Zero issues with this great looking set

Very good looking plates. All weights are within the advertised weight tolerance. Easy to handle, good to look at, can't really ask for more when it comes to plates.

Great Vest

Great vest, feels good and easy to put on.

Good product

Olympic Bow Bar, 2.3M
M.S. (Germany)
Great Bar

Ich trainiere jetzt schon seit 20 Jahren und habe so einige Spezial Hantelstangen ausprobiert und lieben gelernt,aber die Buffalo Bar erschien mir immer überflüssig . Habe mich trotzdem entschieden eine zu kaufen und ich hätte nie gedacht das sie so einen Unterschied macht. Jede einzelne Übung fühlt sich um einiges besser mit ihr an. Besonders hervorzuheben ist das Schulter oder Nackendrücken. Man kommt noch einen Tick tiefer in die Dehnung und es fühlt sich einfach für die Handgelenke und Schultern unglaublich natürlich an...meine absolute Lieblingshantel und das schon nach kurzer Zeit. Knurling und dicke dieser Stange sind auch top. Alles in allem wirkt sie unzerstörbar... unbedingte Kaufempfehlung

Nice and accurate set

These weight are quite accurate and nice looking. Unfortunately one of my plates was not finished very well and had quite a lot of rough spots, where I was afraid it would damage the barbell. Fortunately, the customer support team has responded very quickly to my email and sent me a replacement plate immediately. Can only recommend.

Great chalk!

This chalk is great, but tends to be messy. For this reason, I also keep some of your liquid chalk and use both for different exercises.

Captains of Crush Hand Grippers
Oleksandr S. (Germany)

Captains of Crush Hand Grippers

Belt Squat Machine
Harald A. (Germany)

Belt Squat Machine

Strength Shop Hex Dumbbells, 1-75kg / 100kg

Heavy Black Wrist Wraps, 1 Pair - IPF Approved


All is perfect, thank you.

Riot Cast Iron Plates
Giancarlo C. (Italy)

Riot Cast Iron Plates