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Good product, High quality

Ottimo prodotto, ben rifinito, ottima compressione. Se mai usate ci vuole un pò per abituarsi. Forse col senno di poi avrei comunque preso un prodotto da 5mm e non 7, per quel che serve a me sono fin troppo. Prodotto consigliato

Riot Black Steel Lever Buckle - Lifetime Warranty


Socken passen super und sind echt angenehm zu tragen

Riot Smelling Salts
Petar N. (Croatia)



Passt perfekt für die axle kurzhantel. Die Verschlüsse runden das Gewicht der axle kurzhantel (ebenfalls von strengshop) , von 10,8 kg besser ab. Schnell geliefert und mega, wie alles von strengshop!!!!!

Belt For Belt Squat Machine
Björn R. (Germany)
Super Gürtel

Sehr gute Qualität. Stabiles Material.

Still the champ of rowers

This machine is goat when it comes to actually available rowers. It was also easily assembled, is made of all quality parts and works like clockwork when you use it. Happy that I got one at home now. Strength shop delivered quickly, safe and reliably. Thanks.


Perfecta manufactura y buen precio de venta. Gracias por tener kettlebells grandes. Envío internacional muy rápido.

Gut und Günstig

Sie tun was sie sollen. Allerdings steht der aufnäher des Logos etwas über, was sie etwas billig wirken lassen. Beim Heben stört das aber nicht.


La calidad del material está brutal y con un muy buen precio, pero lo mejor de todo es su servicio de atención al cliente.
Al repartidor, se le calló la barra de powerlifting al suelo y la rascó bastante (hierro directamente al suelo de piedra...) Me puse en contacto con strenghshop y fueron muy rápido y atentos para ayudarme a solucionar el problema.

Sin duda, es una tienda que recomiendo no sólo por sus productos sino por su excelente atención al cliente!


Très bonne qualité 👍

Schöne Griffe

Guter Grip und gute Bereicherung für das Training

Cast Iron Kettlebells still the best!

its my third pair of Kettlebells so far and still love them. High Quality and good price. Defiantly getting more in the future.

great but short

Quite a bit shorter than advertised

Concept 2 - ROWERG ROWER - PM5
Andreas M. (Germany)

Super Service und top Rudergerät

Vertical Plate Storage on Wheels
ΝΙΚΟΣ Κ. (Greece)

Vertical Plate Storage on Wheels

Bastard Deadlift Bar

Absolut geniale Stange ... mit dem super angenehmen scharfen Knurling und dem 27mm Durchmesser zum Deadliften einfach um Welten besser zu greifen als meine normale 28.5mm PowerBar. Nicht ganz billig aber für Deadlift begeisterte auf jeden Fall den Preis wert. Würd ich mir auf jeden Fall wieder kaufen.

Absolutely perfect bar ... with its very nice sharp knurling and its 27mm diameter its much better to grab than my normal 28.5mm PowerBar. This bar is not that cheap but for people with deadlift ambition definitely worth the money. Would buy it again.

Riot Olympic Safety Squat Bar
David S. (Denmark)
My favourite SSB

This is my favourite SSB due to the narrow spacing between the handles, which means the weight sits on your traps/collarbone instead of on your shoulders like wider-handled competitors. It’s narrow enough that my ears graze the pads when I’m stepping into it.

I also love it for the fact that the bar doesn’t pitch you forward like most SSBs do. To give you a sense of what I mean, I also own a Kabuki Transformer bar, and this bar feels very similar to the “High bar back squat” setting - not the “SSB” setting. Neutral and balanced on my back, and you can let go of it without worrying about it falling, which makes things like Hatfield squats possible.

And if you flip it around, it feels very similar to the “Front squat” setting on the Transformer.

The price is competitive, and there’s no wobble or rattle in the bar.
The only negative is that the welds are literally the ugliest I’ve ever seen on any bar - and I own a bunch of imported bars. There is an actual gap on one of the corners where they just didn’t finish the weld.

If the welds were more confidence inspiring, I would rate this an easy 5 stars.

Black Deadlift / Weightlifting Socks

Love it

I ordered a while back and upgraded to the new pad as soon as it was released. My favorite bar to do squats and good mornings


This is my first lever belt and I absolutely adore it!! The quality is insane and it fits me so well. Ten out of ten, brilliant

Reviewing Belt

An amazing product.

Top quality

Best belt ever !! Top quality

Camo Lever Belt, 13mm - IPF Approved

I like em

Keep the knees warm and in place and it eliminates as good as all my knee pain when squatting.